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Production Line & Equipment

CYL-Head Gasket Production Facility
Flexible Composing Machine-Making Head Gasket Material

Cutting Machine For CYL-Head Gasket Material

Punching Machine For The Main Body Of CYL-Head Gasket

Continuous Punching Machine For Accessories Of CYL-Head Gasket

Punching Machine For Combining The Main Body With The Accessories

Punching Machine For MLS CYL-Head Gasket   

Laser Cutting Machine Production Line  

Hydraulic Press Machine For Heavy Duty Gasket

Silicone Coating Machine For CYL-Head Gasket  

Full Automatic Heating System After Silicone Line Coating

Manifold Gasket Production Facility
Punching Machine For Manifold Gasket


Valve Cover Gasket & Oil Pan Gasket
Production Facility
Materail Cutting Machine For Rubber Parts

Valve Cover Gasket / Oil Pan Gasket Production Line

Oil Seals & Valve Stem Seals Production Facility
Oil Seal & Valve Stem Seal Production Line

Machine For Oil Seals

Machine For Valve Stem Seals

Cutting Machine For Oil Seals

Cutting Machine For Valve Stem Seals 

Automatic Cutting Machine For Valve Stem Seals

Storage Carousel System

Paper Gasket Production Facility 
Cutting Machine For Soft Material Gasket  

Tooling Production Facility
Electric Clamping Radial Drill Machine  

Storage Area For Tooling  

Packing Production Facility
Skin Packing Line

Shrink Wrap Packing Line